Is Pokémon Battle Styles Worth It?
Pokémon Battle Styles
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Is Pokémon Battle Styles Worth It?

Amidst Pokémon’s 25th celebration and following Vivid Voltage’s expansion pack, the next major step for Pokémon: The Trading Card Game is a new expansion coming out March 19 and changing the way you play the game. For the lovers of Pokémon, this is great news, especially because it brings the joy of the Isle of Armor DLC for Sword & Shield right on your table.

Battle Styles is the new expansion pack with 60 new cards split into two battle styles: Rapid Strike and Single Strike. It mimics how the featured legendary Pokémon Urshifu in Isle of Armor can learn two different fighting styles, transcending that into the card game and making you rethink your tactics when building your deck.

While Single Strike battle style is all about delivering direct and strong attacks, Rapid Strike will use sneaky and technical attacks. Along with 60 new battle style cards, you will also find 12 Pokémon V, 16 full-art Pokémon V cards, 6 new VMAX cards, 2 special energies, and 19 trainers with six full-art Supporter cards. A whole world to explore that is well worth the value!

Despite the world being in the middle of a pandemic and playing with friends or in tournaments isn’t a real option, there are many factors that can play into your decision of getting Battle Styles, and let me tell you, there are plenty!

The nostalgia factor is something you should definitely keep in mind. More and more people are returning to their beloved childhood days, basking in the joy of playing Pokémon again, rewatching the series, even collecting every card. It’s not just about the old fandom, there are plenty of new people interested in the series and the whole culture that followed it, making each Pokémon card valuable, each game sell out within days, and each experience playing Pokémon: The Trading Card Game even more valuable and fun.

With Pokémon celebrating their 25th anniversary and the partnerships made with brands like McDonalds, releasing Pokémon cards with the meals, it’s easy to see people’s interest in getting a hold of each card and each expansion pack didn’t die down with the lack of tournaments. For some, it’s the joy of reliving memories, building decks, talk to friends about their favorite Pokémon cards and expansions; for others it’s being able to collect every single card.

When it comes to the game itself, there is also a few things to keep in mind, especially because the expansion pack brings a new world to your deck and a new way to play it. There is much to think about when choosing your preferred battle Styles, from the different cards and Pokémons to the way you will play the game, it will be a whole new experience playing with this new expansion pack.

If you were ever rethinking your decision to get Battle Styles, there is no need to. With the amount of fun, new Pokémons and play styles, as well as the investment value you get out of it, it’s absolutely necessary for every Pokémon fan to relish on this new expansion pack.


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