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Pokémon Vivid Voltage

The most recent set Vivid Voltage was released on 13th of November 2020, pre orders sold out very quickly and the next lot of pre orders are still available but you’ll have to be quick! There are some absolutely banging cards that you’re going to want to get your hands on.
Vivid Voltage is the fourth expansion set from Pokémon’s Sword and Shield series. This set continues to feature generation 8, Pokémon V and VMAX cards. The set is available to buy as singles booster packs/blister packs/ 3 pack blisters and booster box’s which retail for around $200.
This set is a little bit different with there being no Hyper Rare/Rainbow rare Charizard - one of the most well known Pokémon in all of its TCG history makes a return as a Rainbow rare.
The card I’m talking about is the Pikachu VMAX Hyper rare.
Pikachu VMax
Image Credit: Google Images
This card is the most valuable card in the set to date with prices rocketing up to as much as $400!!! The next most valuable cards in the set are; Pikachu V Full Art, Galarian Obstagoon Secret rare:
Galarian Obstagoon
Image Credit: Google Images 
and Nessa Secret rare:
Nessa Secret Rare Vivid Voltage
Image Credit: Google Images
While the next few cards I’m going to talk about aren’t as valuable they are most likely my favourite cards in the whole set. Vivid Voltage has introduced us to some brand new cards that we’ve never seen before - Amazing Rares.
Rayquaza Card
Image Credit: Google Images
Jirachi Card
Image Credit: Google Images
Celebi Card
Image Credit: Ebay
Zacian Vivid Voltage
Image Credit: Google Images
and Zamazenta:
Zamazenta Vivid Voltage
now all have an Amazing rare card that looks nothing short of well... AMAZING!
Will vivid voltage be a steady long term investment set?
The answer is yes. With so many great cards and the new amazing rares, this set is one to start collecting. With 203 cards it will be a massive grind to acquire every card but the end result will look great in a binder/folder.
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