Starting a Pokémon TCG collection? Here’s what you MUST know...
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Now, first things first, you need to decide whether you want to collect newer sets or older WOTC (wizards of the coast) sets. Obviously the new Pokémon TCG sets will be cheaper and easier to find but if you’re a fan of the older cards then you’re going to be out of pocket fairly quickly.

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Are you collecting for an investment OR for the love of the TCG itself?

This is the most important question. Some great sets to collect if you want a short-long term investment are:

Shining Fates
Hidden Fates
Vivid Voltage

    All of these sets have very pricey chase cards. Evolutions has the Charizard rev holo/mega full art/holo card. Shining Fates has the Shiny Secret Rare Charizard VMAX card and over 100 baby shiny’s. Hidden Fates has the Shiny Secret Rare Charizard plus a heap of shiny’s. And Vivid Voltage has the Rainbow Secret Rare Pikachu. These sets are a little bit more pricey. 

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    Some of the cheaper Pokémon TCG sets that are great for collecting and holding onto are:

    Rebel Clash
    Darkness Ablaze
    Sword and Shield

      Below are the rarity of Pokémon cards in order:

      Rev Holo
      Shiny Card
      V Full Art
      VMAX Full Art
      Secret Rare (Gold Card)
      Rainbow Rare

        Darkness Ablaze/ Rebel Clash/ Sword and Shield are awesome sets to collect for the newer collector. They have some great cards but are obviously cheaper and easily found. You can find these packs at:

        Big W
        Any card store
        And of course Game Guys 😜

          Starting a pokémon tcg collection? here’s what you must know...