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What Pokémon Cards Are Worth The Most?

Pokémon cards have marks that show their rarity and ultimately how valuable they are based on a tiny symbol on the bottom right-hand corner. A circle on the card means it is common, a diamond indicates that the card is uncommon, and a star means it is rare.  In fact, for Pokémon cards, first editions and misprints also affect the value.  Heritage Auctions has listed the five most valuable Pokémon cards as follows:

 1. Pikachu Illustrator has an estimated 20-39 copies issued to winners of an illustration contest in 1998 and was one of the earliest cards to come out of the franchise. One was sold for almost US$60,000 in 2016 and in October 2019 another sold for a whopping US$224,000.

Pikachu Illustrator

Photo: Ebay

2. Pikachu Trainer Card has an estimated value of $75,000 - $100,00.  It was awarded at the first official Pokémon tournament in Japan in 1997 to the first, second, and third-place finishers in their respective divisions; making these cards exceedingly rare.  The documentation states that just four copies were given to the top contestants.

Pikachu Trainer Card

Photo: Ebay

3. 1999 First Edition Holographic Charizard Card was sold in August 2017 for $55,650.  It appeared on the cover art of the Pokémon Red video game that was released in the mid-90s and has been the most desirable of all the First Edition Pokémon cards.

1999 First Edition Holographic Charizard Card

Photo: Ebay

4. 2010 Japan World Championship Master Key Trophy Card was presented to the 36 contestants in that year's tournament, and each received a copy of this beautiful foil card in a special case.  With so few ever produced, they command huge prices at auctions.  One sold for over $21,000 in November 2019.

2010 Japan World Championship Master Key Trophy Card

Photo: https://www.picuki.com/tag/trophycard

5. When it sold for almost $21,000, the 1996 Japanese “No Rarity” Charizard earned its way onto the list of most valuable Pokémon cards.  Holographic cards in the set feature a star symbol, therefore, if one is found without this symbol, then it is a rarer, first-print “no rarity” Charizard’s, and worth a whole lot.

1996 Japanese “No Rarity” Charizard

Photo: Ebay

Passionate collectors are willing to pay big bucks to land any of the prized possessions on this list.

What pokémon cards are worth the most?