Will Pokémon Chilling Reign Be A Good Set?

The Pokemon TCG expansion, ‘Sword and Shield- Chilling Reign,’ is the talk of the town among fans and collectors. These cards were first launched in Japanese sets and based on the Crown Tundra DLC from Pokemon Sword and Shield. It had fans choosing from the Matchless Fighter, Silver Lance and Jet Black Poltergeist. 

On the 18th of June, they will be released in the English language, and we have a lot of questions. What Pokemon are there in this deck? What is the chase card? Is Pokemon Chilling Reign worth it? 

Chilling Reign has 15 Pokemon V and 8 Pokemon VMAX, including Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX and Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX. The Chilling reign card list is jam-packed with treasured Pokemon variants from the Galar region. Fans will love choices like the Celebi and Tornadus. You will also see the Galarian forms of the three Legendary Birds. These include the Galarian Articuno, Galarian Moltrus and Galarian Zapdos. 

You will love the massive deck that has over 190 cards. This includes more than 25 trainer cards and three new special energy cards-Impact energy, Lucky energy and Spiral energy. The Chilling Reign deck is smoother, sturdier than previous releases and sports some really cool art. 

A lot of fans will have eyes for chase cards like the Clara Full Art and Rainbow Rare. The Shiny Snorlax Secret Rare is also highly sought after. It’s the flashiest Pokemon to have a Shiny Gold Card. The most creative piece is the Blaziken VMAX, especially the Alternate Art sporting a Blaziken in a karate stance against the sunset. 

For the more avid collectors, there are a bunch of alternate art cards and the rare delight of a gold card. From the innovative Weather Reading ability to the adorable Slurrpuff, Chilling Reign has something to offer for every fan out there!

Here are some of our favourite cards from this set:

Will Pokémon Chilling Reign Be A Good Set?

pokemon chilling reign

Is Chilling reign worth it?

Pokemon Caitlin

Pokemon chilling reignWill pokémon chilling reign be a good set?