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8 Things You Should Know About Yugioh

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Yugioh is one of the most popular card games across the world. It is based upon the popular American anime TV series, which 4Kids Entertainment produced back in the year 2004. If you are a fan of Yugioh, here are 8 such lesser known facts about Yugioh.

1. Yugioh is based upon violent and dark manga
The Yugioh franchise started with a dark and violent manga series. However, it took some time for the fans to see Dual Monsters. The entire story is based upon riddles, puzzles and games. In the very first issue of Yugioh, you can discover something called pharaoh challenge, where one of the bullies of Yugi comes and you will have to stab money out of your hands without cutting yourself.
2. There was an additional series of the anime
You must have enjoyed Yugioh Dual Monsters in Japan anime. In fact, this is the second anime series to be produced. The very first one was called as Yugioh Season Zero and you might not have got the chance to watch it. It didn’t become popular and it only went for just one episode, back in the year 1998. Since Yugioh didn’t become popular among people after the initial series, the card game didn’t appear up until the later episodes. When Dual Monsters was released, it became the focus on entire story as well. That’s why you didn’t even know about the first series.
3. One card made Yugioh get into the ban list
There are few card games, which you can find within the “forbidden list”. In fact, these card games are not recommended to be played in tournaments. When you take a look at the reason on why you can find Yugioh in that forbidden list, you will figure out that one card is responsible for it. That’s because this card is unbalanced and it can provide unfair advantage to the players. Hence, this game is never recommended for anyone to play in a tournament.
This card is called as Yata Garasu. There are two different factors, which make the card over powered when compared to others. The very first factor out of them is that it creates an impact on the life points of the opponent directly. Due to the same reason, the opponent will not be provided with the chance to draw a card in the next turn. Secondly, Yata Garasu card will come back to your own hands at the end of the turn. When you damage your opponent with this card, you will not be providing any chance for him to counter it. This can lead you to a powerful position in the game.
4. Seto Kalba character is based upon a real person
Before creating Yugioh, its creator Kazuki was experimenting with numerous other games. In all these games, he got inspiration for the characters from real world friends that he has. Seto Kalba is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact. This specific friend was interested in collecting card games. He introduced Kazuki to play card games. This is where they developed a strong relationship and how the Seto Kalba character was created.
5. You can find lots of cards based upon The Gradius Series
When you take a look at the collection of cards that belong to Yugioh, you will figure out that most of the cards are based upon Gradius series. Numerous video games were created upon Yugioh and the video game that referred Gradius series was quite popular. This is where the creator figured out that it is possible to create numerous cards based on the video game and deliver a better playing experience to all the players.
6. Yugioh movie gave away trading cards
Back in the day, the Yugioh movie gave away trading cards to all the people who came to watch the show. This was quite similar to what Pokémon did. There were four different cards and people could get a random card out of them.
7. Yugioh is the biggest selling trading card game
One of the most interesting facts about Yugioh is that it is the biggest selling trading card game in history. In fact, more than 25 million Yugioh cards have been sold around the world as of now.
8. There will be a holographic version of the game
If you are a fan of Yugioh, you can expect to see a holographic version of this game in the near future. This can provide the card game to the next level. In here, you will be able to play cards using computer systems, which are projecting holographs. You can play along with life size cards and 3D images when this is released.

8 things you should know about yugioh