POKÉMON TCG S8 FUSION ARTS Booster Pack (Japanese)

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All cards are in Japanese

Each Pack includes 5 cards. A total of 100 different cards + secret rares are available in the Fusion Art Japanese set.

This set is the eighth Pokémon Sword & Shield TCG series set and introduces a new battle style to go with Single Strike and Rapid Strike: Fusion and focuses on Pokémon such as Mew.

Fusion Strike is expected to consist of cards sourced from the Japanese Fusion Arts expansion, the High-Class Decks, the Sword & Shield Family Pokémon Card Game set, cards from Eevee Heroes, Skyscraping Perfection, and Blue Sky Stream that were not localized in Evolving Skies, and several S-P Promotional cards. Each Fusion Strike booster pack contains ten cards from the expansion, a basic Energy card, and a code card to unlock a digital booster pack in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Each Fusion Arts pack contains five cards.

The expansion centers on the New Species Pokémon Mew, which is featured on Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX cards, and is one of numerous Pokémon to support the Fusion Strike style. Fusion Strike Pokémon are designed to interact with one another, as well as supporting Trainer and Energy cards, to bolster a player's attacking potential while also impeding their opponent.

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