Pokemon - Vulpix Pop! Vinyl

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Pokemon - Vulpix Pop! Vinyl

Release Date: Q4

Vulpix, The fox Pokémon. A fire-type Pokémon with a quadruped build grows to an average height of two feet and weighs approximately 28 lbs. Vulpix is native to all known regions with the exception of Kalos. Inside Vulpix's body burns a flame that never goes out. During the daytime, when the temperatures rise, this Pokémon releases flames from its mouth to prevent its body from growing too hot.  It can freely control fire, making fiery orbs fly like will-o'-the-wisps. Both its fur and its tails are beautiful. Born with a singular whitetail, it grows its additional tails over time. As each tail grows, its fur becomes more lustrous. It is quite warm and cuddly. Exposure to firestone causes this Pokemon to evolve into Ninetails. Before evolving, Vulpix's six-part tail can become as hot as a fiery blaze.

Grow your collection with the latest additions to the Pokémon Pop! vinyl figures line up featuring Vulpix, MewTwo, Mr. Mime, and Pichu.

This Pop! Vinyl figure features the adorable Vulpix.
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  • Size: 9.5cm tall approx
  • Material: Plastic/Viny

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